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A Message from Dr. Bryant, Principal
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April 15, 2021

Dear Families,

I hope this message finds you well.  We are excited to see more students return to campus on April 19.  

Student Class Assignments
Park Avenue Office staff has contacted families if there has been a change for their student’s teacher for April 19. You may see your students’ class through the AERIES Parent Portal.   If you have questions, feel free to contact us.  Transitional Kindergarten will stay on their current schedule.

Masks and COVID Screening
When on campus, all students and adults will need to wear masks.  Students will also maintain social distancing of three feet in classrooms and six feet in all other areas on campus.  Hand sanitizer will be provided at school as well.  Families must continue with COVID symptom screening at home.  If your child has COVID symptoms, please keep your child at home.  Staff will monitor students for symptoms at school and will contact families to pick up their child if they have COVID symptoms.

Since students will not be served breakfast in the morning, they should come to school at 8:15 and will go directly to the classroom.  We will not have before school recess.  We will continue to use three separate gates for student access to campus.  At this time, parents will not be able to come on campus.  We will have additional adults available on campus to help direct students to their classes.

Kindergarten dismissal is at 12:25.  First through fifth grade is at 2:45.  For dismissal, parents are encouraged to stay in their cars.  Anyone on campus should wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Please be patient as you wait for your student.  We may ask you to drive around the block so we can keep traffic moving.  Please follow staff directions.

Food Service
Lunch will be served on campus in the cafeteria.  Snacks, supper, and breakfast for the following day will be delivered to the classroom at the end of the day.  Per the California Department of Public Health Guidelines, when students are unmasked to eat lunch, they must sit six feet apart and we will limit time in the cafeteria to 15 minutes after students sit down to eat.

Students who return full time should bring their Chromebooks to the classroom to remain in the classroom.

Instructional Materials
Students should bring their instructional materials back to school for use in classrooms.  This includes Anthology, Reading and Writing Workshop and Swun math materials.  Teachers can remind students to bring their instructional materials.

Thank you for your continued support!  We’re looking forward to an exciting week.


Clark Bryant, Principal

Attention parents of incoming kindergarteners

Please register your incoming kindergarten student starting March 15, 2021. Check the YCUSD district website below for details. Please contact Alicia in the Park office for assistance or questions. 530-822-5265


weekly schedule
traffic patterns
MASKS are required for all students receiving in person instruction as well as for all persons on school grounds. 
BACKPACKS are encouraged on the first day to return to school, so students are able to bring their materials. 
DAILY SCHEDULE for in person instruction is as follows: 
    • 8:30 - 2:45 PM
Safety is a high priority at Park Avenue School.  Cooperation following these procedures in the parking lot and on the streets around Park Avenue helps us keep our students and families safe.
  • Before coming to school, complete the COVID Symptom Screener;
  • During COVID, families should stay in their car for drop off and pick up;
  • Drop off your child in the pull through to the assigned gate;
  • If you need to walk up, you will be asked to leave your child at their assigned gate. Please maintain appropriate social distancing and wear a face covering;
  • Please arrive between 8:15 - 8:30 as students will be directed to report to class;
  • Please follow directions of the crossing guards and staff assisting with traffic;  
  • If walking, please direct students to use the sidewalk and not walk through the parking lot and maintain social distance.  Following this rule yourself sets a great example for our students;
  • Have your student get into your car on the passenger side of the car so they are not walking into traffic areas;
  • Please park only in designated areas.  Red zones are for emergency vehicles only;
  • When in the drop off area, pull up to the crosswalk to allow more cars in the yellow zone;
  • Students may enter and exit cars in the yellow zone;
  • Please report serious traffic infractions to the office (530-882-5265) or YCPD (530-822-4661)

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