Welcome To Our School LibraryTop of Page

libraryWe encourage our students to explore the many wonderful resources available at our library. Students visit the library weekly to checkout books and participate in our Readning Counts and Reading Champs literacy programs. In addition to our well stocked bookshelves, the Park Avenue library is host to a 30 station computer lab which students use to stay globally connected, track progress in the computer-based literacy programs, conduct science and social studies research, and extend their classroom learnings through educational and interactive math, english, science, geography and keyboarding websites. 

Important To RememberTop of Page

Our library provides students access to current books and a broad range of reading materials. Park Avenue Elementary is committed to helping every student become literate and takes pride in its library and offerings to develop literacy in all our students. 

When your child brings a library book home, please remember: 

  1. Read to your child everyday; 

  2. Keep library books in a safe place; 

  3. Treat books with care, clean hands and gentle use; 

  4. RETURN BOOKS ON TIME; or a nominal fee may be 

  5. Be prepared to pay for lost or damaged books 
        (the full cost of replacement is your responsibility)