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Park Avenue Elementary students come from the southeastern sector of Yuba City. Many parents select Park Avenue Elementary School as a "school of choice" for their children. Park Avenue Elementary School's many programs maintain high expectations for student achievement and offer experiences for students in the form of high-quality first instruction, after school programs, supplemental instructional materials, intervention programs, and support services. Park Avenue Elementary implements “Best Practices” in K-5 education; RTI, data analysis & collaboration,  data-driven instruction, core curriculum implementation with fidelity, student and teacher access to technology to enhance instruction, site-based leadership, and informal classroom observations by administration for instructional coaching. Our mission at Park Avenue Elementary School is to provide students with the skills, concepts, problem solving abilities, and self confidence necessary to be successful and productive members of society. The staff of Park Avenue Elementary School is dedicated to the creation of a learning environment which fully develops potential and fosters a lifelong desire for learning.